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Dallas based energy efficiency firm increases productivity with digital solutions


Custom Application Development, Server Virtualization, DR, Digital Contact Center

The largest retrofit energy efficiency company in the Southwest called on Collective Technology Group to develop business focused technology solutions to bring order to chaos. Efficient Attic Systems was running a successful business but were limited by their paper based workflow and could not scale.

We began with an analysis of their existing systems and workflow processes to isolate problems and identify redundancies. The client had been investigating spread-sheet based and proprietary database cataloguing systems, however it was clear that these existing methods would not scale with the current growth forecasts of the company. We proposed and implemented a complete web based Customer Relations Management system that was both customized to their exacting operational needs in addition to utilizing a scalable platform that would grow along with the company. This solution allowed all company personnel, from field sales to operations, access to customer data in real time which increased customer scheduling efficiencies by over 200% in addition to real time projections forecasting and revenue reporting!

As most growing companies can attest, you are nothing without your customers! EAS was no different and understood that to grow their business successfully they had to make sure they were properly managing those customers from the first point of contact. We were engaged to design and build a customer contact center capable of handling not just new and existing customers, but an ever growing sales team in the field. Working closely with the existing call center management we were able to isolate where existing workflows were breaking down and focus the redesign to alleviate these issues. By working through several third party vendors and leveraging our relationships effectively allowed us to integrate a fully optimized digital contact center with integrated VoIP system that decreased company wide communications costs by 20% and came in 35% under budget!

As EAS enjoyed continued growth into additional regions throughout Texas and the surrounding states, we were engaged to help facilitate this expansion by redesigning the voice and data infrastructure so that multiple locations could more easily communicate with the corporate headquarters. Working with multiple outside vendors we designed and implemented a multi-site MPLS network spanning 4 regions, integrating both data and VoIP in addition to a multi-meg offsite datacenter location. Through this design we were able to allow for decentralized access across multiple networks and platforms in support of field sales and regional operations while maintaining a centralized core for simplification of management which allowed for reduced personnel in maintaining core systems.

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