Gabberdon Holdings, LLC

Equity investment group relies on Collective Technology for IT Management


Systems/Network Management, DR, Outsourced CTO, Staffing

Privately held equity investment firm, Gabberon Holdings, LLC manages an array of investment vehicles and start-up endeavors across a broad range of sectors with the technology needs to match. Covering a wide range of industries including real estate and land development, technology and retail; their reach is wide and requires a full spectrum of solutions.

Leveraging Collective Technology Group allows Gabberdon and their suite of companies to utilize a single team across all of their technology projects. From eMail and web applications to telecommunications, systems and hosting management, Gabberdon trusts Collective Technology Group with all of their IT management needs. By working directly with executive leadership we can better understand business objectives and minimize resource costs. Utilizing a single team across all business platforms simplifies IT management for leadership while providing individual companies with the resources they need. "Having Collective Technology Group on-board let's us focus on the core of building our businesses without having to worry about the technology that's driving it."

For more information on how Collective Technology Group can help your business achieve its technology goals, please don't hesitate to Contact us, we look forward to hearing from you.